In my photographs, I cast myself in a series of staged self-portraits. Each photograph represents one of many sparse and artificial worlds, simultaneously humorous and horrific. I transform myself using theatrical elements such as manipulative lighting, elaborate make–up and makeshift costumes, occasionally using computer manipulation to alter the finished photograph.

My characters address the social conventions of age as well as gender. They embody neutered childhood myths and explore the awkward journey toward adulthood. The photographs are snapshots from a nonsensical narrative, derived from disordered cultural fragments of countless stories and myths which I arbitrarily fuse together with false sureness. The childlike, vulnerable and bizarrely idiosyncratic nature of my work creates absurd predicaments which strive to provoke empathy in the viewer.

The blatant artificiality of the characters and events depicted lends a fairytale quality to my images. Scenes which would normally be considered threatening, dangerous, or gross are revealed to be more complex than was first assumed, and inspires sympathy as well as fear.