“Ramp” is a large-scale sculptural, sound, installation piece approximately 20 feet long by 6ft wide and 10 ft tall. A large skateboard ramp, or half pipe, is built on stilts, frozen and suspended over a stairwell. Artificial ice, snow and icicles cover the wooden surface of the ramp and shaky hand made scaffolding. Beneath the layers of artificial ice and resin, are repetitive markings, carvings, and tags. These graffiti style tags become almost obsessive and territorial in their repetition and seem like an urbanized form of instinctive animal traits and markings. Several leafless trees pierce through the actual ramp and decking as if nature were reclaiming this abandon man made structure. The barren and frozen roots of these trees are suspended from the underside of the ramp and can be seen from the stairwell beneath.

The sound component to the piece is a repetitive soundtrack of birds coupled with skateboarders skating back and forth on the wooden ramp. The track plays on a repetitive loop. After a while the sound of wheels rolling back and forth on wood begins to sound a bit like the respiratory system, pulse or heartbeat of the sculpture. The abandon ramp also serves as a reclaimed nesting ground for 10 white ptarmigan snow birds. These birds and the trees are elements from nature transplanted into an arctic urbanized landscape.