In DECEMBERMAY, Anthony Goicolea presents new paintings and
photographs completed during a period of retreat from his familiar
urban surroundings. Subtler and more intimate in scale and subject,
these photographs represent a departure from his disturbing, highly
constructed and often sweeping compositions. Much of the imagery
depicts the seasonal cocooning of winter, which allows reflection and
offers renewal but is permeated with lonesome and at times threatening
isolation. These abandoned settings seem to capture sites of
sacrificial ritual that upon closer examination reveal traces of
humanity. Dens of hoarded objects for the fulfillment of physical or
mental needs—food, clothing, books, building materials—are piled up
precariously. Cryptic script communicates with the world of the living
or the dead. And, for the first time, young children make an

Any comfort offered by the company of others is undermined by a
familiar undercurrent of morbidity: fecundity is crippled by futile
obsessiveness and decay, paths lead to uncertainty or death, and the
spirit world has broken through to our everyday reality. As messengers
between the two worlds, however, the children bring with them a sense
of renewal and hope for the future.